Thursday, September 24, 2009


Mr. Ramsey is very into taking off his clothes these days. It starts with his shirt and next off comes his pants. This morning he was trying to wiggle out of his diaper too. He is also getting very interested in the potty. I'm not going to push it for quite a while as I know how strong willed he is and it is WAY too early to start the battle so I'll let him take his own time figuring it out. He does ask to sit on the potty but will just sit there and look around and after a minute or two will say "done". Even though there is no pee it is still cute to watch him begin the process.

Of course he is reading a book about trucks. He can't get enough of them these days.

Here is just a silly little video of Ramsey doing some dancing. He was WILD when he woke up from his nap today and needed to release some energy I suppose.


Erin Duvall said...

Tell Ramsey we were impressed with his dancing skills. Does he have numchuck skills as well? And Ava enjoys standing on tables when we're out to eat so Vince asked her tonight if she was going to be a table dancer. So maybe she and Ramsey could link up:0

Alison said...