Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crazy Busy Weekend

Cope and I had a very full, very busy weekend. We set up for my craft show on Friday. Cope was off work and helped me with the heavy stuff. Thanks babe! Then the 3 of us met up with my Mom, Morgan and my sister, Paige for a dinner of Mexican and fun. My sister had just flown in from NYC to visit and help me for the weekend.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early. We met my mom at the craft fair at 8:00 for the real set up. She helped with Ramsey so Cope and I could make our booth look good. The show started at 10:00am and in between drizzle and down pours we sold a good amount of items. I did lots of on the spot embroidery and got more people knowing what I do and how to visit my website. Cope got Ramsey home for lunch and his nap and my sister helped out for a bit. Cope's parents came up to take care of Ramsey later that day so Cope could go to his "man party" at Morgan's (they shot dove last weekend and Morgan was making a feast for the UGA game). I totally over committed by having an Indigo girls concert at Chastain that evening, meaning I had to leave the festival early and dash to my Moms to head out by 5:30pm. We had a good time and watched the concert in ponchos but the music and snacks were great!
Sunday I got up and filled a few orders from the day before, spent a little time with Ramsey, and prayed I could make it all day on only 4 hours of sleep. The weather was a bit better on Sunday until the bottom dropped out at the end while Cope and I were trying to pack up. Thankfully all my product stayed dry but Cope and I were drenched and TIRED. We ran home, unloaded the truck, and headed to My Moms to get Ramsey and have a delicious meal of grilled shrimp and grits. It was a nice ending to a busy weekend.

Overall the weekend was a success but I realize craft fairs are not my calling. I just enjoy making custom items in the comfort of my own home. The weekend did make me realize how thankful I am to be able to do work I really love and stay home with Ramsey too. I believe we can have "it all" it just depends on what our definition of "it" is. I know I couldn't ask for more. I am grateful to all my family who supported and helped me this past weekend. Thanks guys, I couldn't have done it without you and especially Cope who is just the BEST in my book.


Julie said...

Glad your craft fair was a success! I have been waiting anxiously to hear about it. Also, glad Cope made it home in all that craziness last night.

I think we can have it all too! Thank goodness for wonderful husbands. Kiss Ramsey for his Aunt Julie.

Lindsey said...

I agree with Julie. We totally have "it" all!! Amen, to the wonderful husbands. I seriously have no idea how you did it by yourself for 1+ year! Hope all is well.

Beckie said...

I was wondering how your show went....I'm sorry it got rained on! Word of mouth about your cute products will bring more and more people in!

jill said...

glad it went well! hopefully this weekend won't be as busy. :)