Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Items On My Business Blog

I've got lots of new items on my business blog. Check it out! TN link on top right of this blog.

Here are a few of the new items I've been busy creating:

Mrs. Ghost Applique T-shirt:
Little Pumpkin Cutie Applique T-shirt:
Reversible Halloween Pillowcase Dress:
Custom Travel Coffee Mugs:

Greek Lettering can be done on most any of my items!:

Tutu's are here for little girls of all sizes:
Original circle applique with a single letter, monogram, or name:
Pillowcase Dress:
Number appliques for birthday shirts:



jill said...

sophie HAS to have one of the applique t-shirts. i'm loving the one on your blog... the s with dots and then sophie in chocolate brown ... or is there something you think would be cuter??? and the sophie/2 t-shirt ... GOTTA have that come birthday time. love the pink and green zebra. e-mail me and we can talk specifics ... yay! :)


Oh, Tara! You have such a talent! Love all the new stuff!

Erin Duvall said...

so cute. i'm sure i'll be ordering some things in the near future.

Jennifer said...

I am so glad you are making those coffee mugs! Brent saw some in Starbucks a few months back and looked at it and said, "I bet Tara can make these" so I'm glad you are! I will be putting in an order towards the end of this month for a halloween shirt and a coffee mug!