Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Little Monkey Man

Last Friday when we all went out to Mexican for dinner they had a clown walking around doing balloon animals for the kids. Since Ramsey loves Curious George so much we asked for a monkey. I thought maybe he'd be scared of it but he wasn't all all. He loved it! He hugged it and even tried to give him some of his milk. The next morning he woke up asking for his monkey and went downstairs and loved on it all morning. So sweet.

Also, Friday morning I suggested to Cope that we go to Waffle House for a late breakfast. We hardly ever go out to breakfast and I hadn't eaten Waffle House in over a year. It was delicious! Ramsey's latest favorite new food is ketchup and bacon so he was pleased as well.


Mylinda said...

I'm glad you said that is a monkey, cause I never would have guessed! He is so sweet.

Julie said...

Ketchup and bacon?

Erin Duvall said...

too cute. girl, ava wont' eat anything unless it has ketchup on it.