Monday, September 7, 2009

Go Red Elephants!

Cope, Ramsey, and me went to Gainesville this past Friday to cheer on my Dad's football team the Red Elephants. It was the first home game I'd been to and was really impressed how much the community comes out to support the players. Very good school spirit! Even though Ramsey wasn't feeling up to speed we thought the fresh air and entertainment would do him good. It did. He seemed to really enjoy himself even though he had the vomiting episode at dinner and diarrhea while he was running around. Dad and Donna made Ramsey feel like a celebrity. Dad greeted him getting off the bus and had a light up football in his bag just for him. Donna had him a big bag of snacks and a shirt made for him that is adorable and he even got to go down close to the filed and throw his football around. Here are a few pictures from our evening out to G'ville:

Ramsey and Cope:
Elephant walk. They players drive across town on buses and are greeted by fans as they walk into the stadium: Shirt Donna had made for Ramsey. Thanks, we love it! Ramsey watching in amazement as footballs are being thrown everywhere: Caged WILD man:

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Mary said...

Very cute! I especially like Ramsey's UGA shirt...any chance you'll add those to your site to make? :) Hope the little guy feels better soon.