Thursday, September 10, 2009

21 Months

I just realized I haven't written much of an update on the WILD man lately. He turned 21 months last week. WOW! I can see age 2 will be bringing us lots of discipline challenges but even more joy as Ramsey is just so funny to us. He is talking more and more each day. I guess because I am with him most of the time I have also taken on the role of translator. I get about 90% of it right. I can't speak Spanish or French but I think I got this toddler thing down. His latest funny words are "sit down" which he says forcefully since I suppose I say it to him about a 100 times a day. Also, when he starts to do something he isn't supposed to he'll say "trouble" since he knows if he does it he'll get in trouble. He loves all things boy like trains, trucks, cars, motorcycles, diggers, mud, etc. He also has been enjoying learning about football but he pronounces that one "FUCK". He often gets his K's and T's mixed up. I didn't realize until we were on our way to playschool yesterday that he had a football shirt on to which he had to show everyone his "FUCK" on his shirt. I bet those teachers think Ramsey's parents are irresponsible, cussing morons???

Ramsey is also learning his colors and can often tell me what letters he see. He still is CRAZY about books. He is sweet, he is WILD, he is fun, and he is challenging but I an thankful every single day that this is my life and I get to be his Mom. What a treat!



Scott and Katie said...

He's so smart! That is so funny about the football

Christine said...

It is so funny to see him in his own feature films. He is hilarious.

The Tooles said...

It amazes me these little kiddos know so much at such a young age. I was surprised that Caroline already understands much of what we say....I have to start giving these guys more credit=) And possibly start watching what I say!

jill said...

loves to the little brainiac. he's getting to be so grown up! love the pronunciations! sophie's sit comes out like SHIT. gotta love it. ha! can't believe they're almost 2?!? priss likes to tell us to GO these days ... doesn't want mommy or daddy anywhere around when she's trying to do something. i'm going to need some kind of sedative before she hits the teenage year. happy weekend eve!