Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Blast From the Past

Yesterday my Mom and I decided to go to the Yellow Daisy festival at Stone Mountain. I hadn't been since I was younger so it brought back some fond memories. It was neat to bring Ramsey along since Cope was dove hunting. It was neat until I realized Ramsey had absolutely NO interest in the gigantic craft fair. He did not want to ride in his stroller, he didn't want to hold hands (which is required for walking around in a large crowd) and he mostly wanted to be carried. Now we were there at least 3 hours or so and carrying a fussy little boy around makes for some sweating and insanity. There were about 400 vendors there and about 1/2 way through we could have been done but managed to make it through the rest. I only came away with a little Christmas gift for Ramsey but I got lots of cool new ideas for future items. So I suppose it was successful? At least I got to spend some time with Mom and WILD man and thankfully when I got home Cope took over and I got a good nap!!!

They had a small children's section where they could color on this big wall:
They also had these bean bags all over the ground in the kids section so Ramsey of course made a friend and got to run WILD for a few minutes:


Erin Duvall said...

He looks like he had fun. Is it chilly there cuz he's wearing long sleeves. It is like super hot down here still

Beckie said...

We went to Yellow Daisy too! It was not just the WILD man, it was too crowded for anyone to have much fun!