Friday, September 11, 2009

Family Fun Friday

Cope has started working a 4 day work week which makes Monday-Thursday long days for us both but him now having a 3 day weekend is the BEST! We've decided to try to do family days on Friday since things aren't as crowded. we plan to do one big thing each month and just something local or family-ish the other Fridays. Today was one of those BIG outings as we ventured to the Atlanta Zoo. It was Ramsey's first time and he LOVED it! When he saw the elephants the look on his face made it totally worth it. It is so much fun to experience joy through the eyes of your kid. I get excited about these things all over again. Ramsey was really well behaved and did lots of walking and running but because he dozed mid morning on the way down for about 20 minutes the result has been a very wound up little boy since. Oh well, we had fun!!!

Checking out the flamingos:

Looking at the elphants:
Boars playing in "mud":
Bird watching: (Ramsey tried to crawl right into to most exhibits)
Where's Ramsey?
The Guys:
Why do boys have a hard time leaving the nest?:

Doing a few dance moves for the crowd:
Petting zoo:
Riding the train:
Playing on the zoo playground. The perfect ending to a fun day:


jill said...

love this!!! looks like it was majorly fun. :) hubs is working a 4-day week too, but his day off is during the middle of the week. so of course my days are hideously long. but the girl time with priss is fun. :) happy weekend!!!

Christine said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! And yeah for the 3 day weekends...Dave gets one every other week. Now I just need to get that figured out! C