Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Ramsey just LOVES playgrounds these days. Anytime we pass when one when we're in the car he shouts "bar bar" (AKA play ground) from the back seat. I guess he just wants us to take note that he is ready to play at a moments notice. So on days when we do go the play ground you can imagine how excited he gets. Saturday my Mom and I took him to one in a neighborhood that no one ever uses. He loved it!

Also, Saturday he got to sport his newest UGA outfit. My Mom made it and I did the applique G and embroidery. I think he looks awesome in it.

Today was story time at out local library and we met up with two of Ramsey's buddies there and after went to a local little park to let them play. Ramsey was thrilled and thought his long shorts were holding him back form the action so he ditched them in favor of no shoes and only a diaper and shirt.
The 3 little men (Harper Cole, Ramsey, and Ty).

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Erin Duvall said...

That outfit is too cute. I gotta find Ava a GA outfit incase we go to some games this year.