Thursday, February 26, 2009

NYC or Bust

I'm headed off to New York City tomorrow to visit my sister. It was originally going to be her bachelorette party weekend but since she has decided to be true to herself and stay single for a while we're calling it a girls weekend of fun. I'm excited to get to spend time with Paige, just us two having fun like only sisters can. I'm just going for the weekend and know Ramsey will be in good hands with his Daddy. I can't even begin to tell you all how much it does my soul good to know Cope is now home and I can go away without feeling guilty or full of worry. I know Cope is just as capable as me and I truly don't worry much at all when he takes care of Ramsey. He is a good Daddy. I'm sure I'll have lots of funny stories from the trip and from "Daddy Daycare" after the weekend.

Also, last night Cope and I got to go on a date. My friend, Katie and I came up with the idea of a co-op, meaning one week we'll watch their kids while they go out as a couple and the next week they'll watch Ramsey while we go out. The rules are simple in that you just get back in time to get your kid(s) home for bedtime so all we really have to do is feed them dinner and play. It is a win, win for everyone because we get much needed couple time and the kids love to play. It was our first time leaving Ramsey with someone other than family and Katie said he was "awesome". She said he ate good and even ate teriyaki noodles. She also said their son Kaden got in trouble at the dinner table and Ramsey said "uh-oh". Ramsey was exhausted last night and Cope and I enjoyed a little time to ourselves. The plan is working well so far.


Cristin said...

Have a great trip!

Christine said...

yes! So glad to hear you guys had a date. Enjoy your NYC time. Good Luck to Cope. See you in a week.