Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bath Time Fun!

Ramsey and I are still eagerly awaiting Cope's arrival. He should be home around 4:00pm today. In the meantime I just thought I would post a few pictures from bath time last night. He looks like such a different boy with flat hair.

This little video is of his funny face when he scrunches his nose and breathes silly. It never fails to make me laugh:


Cristin said...

He does look different without the curls! I hope the time is passing quickly for y'all today.

KatieMGreen said...

man, his hair is curly!! i like the hair in the video, the curls are trying to come up!
i am excited for you guys to have daddy back!!! have fun!!!

Scott and Katie said...

He's so dang cute...Ramsey and Rileigh need to meet! Where do you guys live?

Erin said...

That is so cute! It looks like you flat ironed his hair.