Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fun Weekend

Cope and I had a fun weekend. Our friend, Elic from college was getting married so we made a night of it and enjoyed hanging out with old buddies. Ramsey had a sleep over at my Mom's (only my 2nd night ever leaving him) and he had a great time. Packing up a little boy and 2 doggies, and myself for 1 overnight trip was quite a task. By noon yesterday I felt like I had already run a marathon and my brain was overloaded from having to think for too many people. Cope was a groomsman so he had to be at the wedding the day before to do all that guy stuff.
The wedding was lots of fun. Our buddy, Jae was OUT OF CONTROL! Seriously my face hurt at the end of the night from laughing so much. He is one dancing machine and the video below is only a smidgen of how intense he was. Funny!
Today, we had to get back and pick up the dogs and Ramsey because I hosted an Uppercase Living party at house at 2:30. So we had to clean house and put foods together. It was a good party and I am so excited about the products I ordered. It is just he neatest stuff. Check it out at
So, that was our weekend in a nutshell. Cope, flew back to NY this evening and hopefully will get his orders soon and be able to drive here for good within a week or so. That will be so nice. Well, I'm off to bed. This party girl is tired!!!
Cope, the most handsome groomsman ever:
Me, Stacey, and Suzanne:

Elic going in for Sandyn's garter:The guys-Jeremy, Abe, Blake, Murdy, Cope, and Jae:
Jae AKA "Out of control" busting in our our couple shot: Jae showing the dance floor whats up. Also, you can tell from this video how lively the wedding was:


Erin said...

that is histarical.

The Tooles said...

Isn't it nice to get away and laugh it up for a night=) We expect nothing other than a show from Jae..I'll have to show Justin. I'm sure he'll get a kick out of it!

Scott and Katie said...

That is SO funny! Gotta love Jae

JIgga J said...

Did you get that off of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Season 4? Looks like it was my audition tape.