Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Video Post

Guess who these videos are of??? Yep, Mr. Ramsey. Hard to believe right? Anyway, I took a few videos of him last night and just wanted to share. At this stage it is seriously easier to get videos then pictures.

This first one is of him saying bye bye and blowing a kiss. He's being doing these both for a while but I have just failed to get it captured on video. My favorite part of this one is the little hand wave at the end. He's too cool!:

This one is of his favorite "touch down" can't stop him even with a sippee cup in hand:

Now that he can climb onto the furniture this is most often what I find him doing. He had also been trying to learn to jump but can't seem to get a bit of air at this point. He's a handful but oh, so much fun!:


Jennifer said...

He is absolutely adorable! He sounds so cute when he says bye-bye and blows kisses!

Erin said...

So so cute. I love him on the couch.