Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feels Like Vacation

Ramsey and I are LOVING having Cope back in our lives. He and Ramsey are big buddies and Ramsey will run around screaming "Da-Da" until he finds him. No one is loving it more than me though. When I put Ramsey down for his nap after lunch Cope will say "honey, why don't you take a nap or relax, I got it for a little while". There are no sweeter words in the world. I have had 2 naps in 2 days. Is this vacation or heven? I guess my body has just been waiting to truly relax. I have always been the queen of naps but haven't had but a few since Ramsey was born. Until Cope gets a job I'll take him up on his kind offers. We are also enjoying family dinners at the table. Ramsey has started wanting what we're having (which is a big change for him). So far he has tried Broccoli casserole, wild rice, and jambalaya. Maybe he just needs more spice in his life? Cope is definitely the missing piece to our family puzzle. Ramsey and I did fine on our own but we are both certainly BETTER with Cope around.


Erin said...

So glad you guys are a family again. I can't wait for the day Ava can eat table food. This baby food thing sucks.

Jennifer said...

I love that picture of your two guys! It's such a man picture, lounging in front of the TV. I'm so happy you are all together again :)