Monday, February 23, 2009

Picture Post

Ramsey loves the push the buttons on the dishwasher:

He is able to use his fork now which he loves anything that makes him more independent. Here he is eating strawberries:
This is where i caught him last week. He has pushed his 4-wheeler up to the chair and climbed onto the table. jeez.:
Modeling Daddy's hat. His hair is so big it almost fits:
Sweet Boy:


Erin said...

Cope's had that hat since college huh? What is it with these boys and their hats? Vince refuses to get rid of his.

Erin and Nate said...

I can't believe Ramsey on the table...little stinker!! I can only imagine what I have in store for me by watching your guy grow up!

Jennifer said...

What a little monkey! I can't believe he got himself up on top of the table. He is just so adorable though, how can you tell him that's not what you're supposed to do when he is so cute and pretty smart to figure a way up there!

Julie said...

Obviously, Ramsey is very intelligent (like his Aunt Julie). I mean, only a problem solver would use a toy as a stool so that he could get on top of the table. After all, it looks like so much fun up there--it's a much better view of the world than looking at people's knee caps all day.