Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stinky Cold

Ramsey's stinky cold has once again made a return. Poor guy seems to kept a yucky, snotty nose and rosey cheeks most of this winter time. He woke up form his nap very crabby and I'm hoping his ear infection won't return. The typical pattern with him is that a few days after the cold hits the ear infection will show up but I'm sure am praying it won't. He's been off antibiotics almost a whole week so that is at least a little break for him. I'm hoping a good night sleep will help some too.

Cope is flying in tomorrow because he is in a wedding this weekend for a college buddy. He was supposed be driving to GA and be done at Ft. Drum by now, but his orders have gotten messed up in system so he won't be getting them till sometime next week. That means he'll fly back to NY on Sunday to then drive down here for good next week. One final reminder of how frustrating the Army can be at times. Whatever, he's almost done!


Cristin said...

I hope Ramsey is feeling better soon and the ear infection doesn't return!

Christine said...

You have been so patient. Imagine...You have been on your way out since I have known you. UGG!

Erin and Nate said...

Aughhh!! what is it this winter with all the colds? We have had too many and sounds like you guys have too. I hope Ramsey feels better! And the Army... hurry up and wait. Gotta love the Army! So frustrating.

Lindsey said...

So sorry to hear Ramsey is with the cold/sniffles again. Here's praying it won't be an ear infection.

I can't even imagine your frustration with wanting to get Cope home for good. Happy and speedy travels to Cope!