Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekend of Parties

Cope had to be out of town this past weekend for Drill so Ramsey and I were on our own to have some fun. I hate when Cope is away but it is really easier to stay busy. So Saturday at lunch we attended a party for my Friend Heather's adorable daughter, Addison. She was turning two and the party was lots of fun. Ramsey was on his best behavior (thank you Lord!) He enjoyed the cupcakes, cheetos, and bugles:

Sunday we had breakfast at my Moms, came home for Ramsey to have a early nap and then at 2:00 we had another Birthday party for Ramsey's classmate and friend Connor. It was at a local Bounce place called "Bounce N Beans" or according to Ramsey "Baked Beans". He had an absolute blast and was everywhere. He is such a big boy now and I was able to sit with the Mommies and talk and he ran around with his friends and did everything there with no need for help. It was construction truck theme so Ramsey was in heaven.
Later that afternoon we went back over to my Mom's for a Super Bowl party. The party turned out to be just Mom, Morgan, Ramsey and Myself. It was low key but really fun as usual. Ramsey picked his drink of choice for the big game:
Eating some football snacks with Papa:

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jill said...

looks like fun!!!!! and just 'cause i'm curious ... did y'all have fun at the faggot store?!? i laughed all night at that one!!! love the little man and his vocab, mom. baked beans looked like TONS of fun! happy tuesday!