Friday, February 19, 2010

The Heat is On!!!

I've been quite the bust little bee lately. My little home business has really turned into a real job and so now I am a 30 + hours a week worker/full time stay at home mommy. I love waking up each day and thinking about what new things I get to create that day. I love when customers send me picture from their kids birthday party wearing a shirt I've made or on vacation sporting some of my items too. It makes me truly enjoy what I do and I am thankful every single day I get to do what I love so it really doesn't even feel much like "work" at all. I've posted some of my latest Summer designs as you Mommy's out their begin to think about your kiddos summer wardrobe and beach wear. These will make excellent birthday gifts as well.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the cute stuff for Adalynn!! I will be ordering some more things soon!!

Jenn said...

I forwarded your website to a woman I work with who has a little girl. She says she loves your stuff and wants to get some new things. Also, my friend LOVED the stuff you made back in January. So talented! :)