Saturday, February 27, 2010

Birthday Party at Monkey Joes

Ramsey's best buddy Ty had his birthday party last night at Monkey Joes. Ramsey had the time of his life and was WIDE OPEN the whole time. He climbed and slid down every single thing there all by himself. It is so funny to me how kids can do so much more on there own when they have their buddies around. My Dad went with us since Cope was flying back from his all week work trip. Ramsey loved having his "Pops" there with us. Monkey Joes was CRAZY on a Friday night but Ramsey enjoyed every minute of the 2 hours we were there. He slept like crap last night though due to the sugar and adrenaline high he survived the night on. Oh well at least he had fun!
Ramsey and BFF Ty:

Ramsey, Ty,a nd Connor. These 3 are in preschool together. There teachers should get paid more:

Ramsey just showing off:

He found this race game and was in L-O-V-E:

Ty too: Riding the elephants:

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