Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Party

Ramsey's little playschool class has their Valentines Party this past Wednesday and Kelly (Ty's Mom) and I were in charge of bringing the goodies. It was a very low key party and so Kelly and I just stayed and observed the craziness that is a classroom of 7-2 year old boys for a bit. It was surprisingly very under control. Now why do I have trouble keeping only 1 under control on my own??? Mystery. Anyway, it was a cute little party and Ramsey was excited to have my there.

Ty loving his cookie. He ate 2 plus half or Ramsey's: Boys under control. Notice the nice spacing between them all: Moments like this are nothing short of a miracle:
I really enjoy Ramsey's little class and we're already signed up for next year. Whoo Hoo!


jill said...

so glad it was fun!!! the boys are better behaved than my kiddos for sure. :) we're missing our party today ... at home for snow! happy friday!

Beckie said...

I just bought a book called 1-2-3 magic for discipline techniques. I just started reading it, but I thought of you because a Mom calls her child "wild man". It might be worth a look!