Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Picture Post

Ramsey and Ty eating popcorn and watching Cars:
Totally both into the race track scene:
Ramsey on his morning perch:Posing:
About to smack Bentley for getting in his way. They have a love/hate relationship:
Entertaining himself:
Not sure why but my computer won't let me turn this one. But the outfit cracks me up here so I had to include it:

Ramsey with his "friend" George. He has started referring to his stuffed animals as his friends:

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Erin Duvall said...

I'm just gonna say it. He's reffering to his stuffed animals as friends cuz he wants a little brother or sister :) Ha ha. i get that all the time from people. "Ava needs a little brother or sister." I'm totatally kidding you. He is too cute and I love the summer designs. After we get back from Greensboro this weekend I gotta place my order for some baby shower gifts for my friend and my sister-in-law. It takes me a while cuz I like to look at all your creations to decide which design I want. It's like internet shopping. Addictive :)