Monday, December 21, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

We received the nicest Christmas card from a family friend the other day. His name is Jeff and he lost his wife and our friend this past summer to cancer. Sandy, his wife was the most energetic and loving person I'd ever met. She was one of those people who just put off a good vibe and someone you were better just being around. She'd come over and play with Ramsey when he was a baby and always just thought he amazing. Ramsey loved her too. We all did.

The card Jeff sent us for Christmas had a note enclosed for Ramsey with a $25 gift card to walmart for him. The letter said that "Miss Sandy would have wanted you to have a fun toy this Christmas so please ask your Mom to take you buy one". So the next day Ramsey and I were off to find the perfect toy. We talked about Miss Sandy on the way. I seriously spent almost an hour in the toy isle looking for something that would light up Ramsey's world. Ramsey actually spotted what he wanted and has been a happy camper ever since.

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Katie Jones said...

That is so sweet! How thoughtful of Jeff to do that for Ramsey. Sandy was such a great person.