Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Party Pics!

Sorry I didn't get to put these up yesterday but my camera broke at the party. I rushed out and got a new one so I could keep taking pictures of WILD man this week. The party was Sunday afternoon and was a total success in my book. It was easy, low key, with lots of kids, noise, craziness at every turn. Our house was quite packed with party guest. It was a fun party and Ramsey was happy and that is simply all that matters to a Mom.

Ramsey dressed and waiting for his party guest to arrive:
Trying his hardest to blow out his candle. We had a to help him a little:
Excited out his cake (mind you he has never wanted to try cake before): First taste. He ran up to me after this picture spitting and saying yuk: My Mom and My Sister. The Ice cream servers:
Rubbing noses with Mommy:
The boys table:
Ramsey and his cousin Connor:
Time to start opening presents:
It got a little intense with trucks and lots of interested little boys:
Ramsey was in heaven with all the trucks he got:
Opening his AWESOME tool work set from his Grampy and Grammy:
Overall the party was super fun! Ramsey has gotten up the past two morning saying "new toys". He is set for quite a while. We're going to put together the tool set after breakfast. Thanks everyone who came. Oh, and our Friend's Jae, Sierra, and their 2 kids drove all the way from Huntsville, AL to attend. So nice! We have such sweet friends and have made some great new ones through Ramsey and his activities. Ramsey's actual birthday is this coming Friday and we're planning on a little trip to Monkey Joes from even more fun! I can't seem to celebrate enough how proud I am of our little WILD man turning 2 and how much joy he brings to our lives.


jill said...

happy birthday ramsey!!!!!! LOVE the party! can't get over how adorable he is! how do you and cope feel about arranged marriage??? haha! hope y'all have a fantastic tuesday!

The Tooles said...

Happy Birthday to the wild man! Now you'll be able to "hide" some Christmas presents, and bring them down later in the year... instant "new toys!" Bummer that picture taking doesn't get any easier. At least our kiddos are cute as pie- even when they are not smiling=)

Julie said...


I wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Katie Smith said...

Looks like he had a great time. Hated to miss it but look forward to making it up to him very soon :)

Brandi Beals said...

So cute! Happy Birthday Ramsey!

Erin Duvall said...

Hey Tara. Looks like Ramsey had a blast and got some great toys. I hate that we didn't make it. Hope you got my phone message. Hopefully next year we will be in Georgia so we can attend his THIRD birthday party. Sounds crazy huh? So sorry to hear about your cars but I am thankful that none of you were hurt!