Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa or Bust

Well, Ramsey sitting on Santa's lap was a toal BUST this year.

Sunday morning my Mom and Morgan came to pick up Ramsey and Me (Cope was out of town for a wedding) and they took us to breakfast and then it was off to the Country Club to visit Santa. Now, as a Mother of toddler I try not to have unrealistic expectations but I figure it is just my job to provide oppertiunities. I try to leave it up to him as to what to do with those oppertunities. I had talked to him about Santa all week. About how nice, generous, and jolly Santa is. By the weekend he was getting excited. We got in the short line for Santa and he had his Toys R Us sales flyer in hand to show santa. Then the photographer guys scrared him and it was all over. We sat him in Santa's lap anyway and he wigged out. Crying and reaching for me. Darn! Oh, well no picture this year but just for reminiscing sake lets take a walk down memeory lane and show you this fine one from last year:

I mean Ramsey would truly be anywhere in the world then on Santa's lap. Maybe next year???


jill said...

glad i'm not the only one with this issue, mom!!!!! priss can't STAND santa ... and then he hit her in the eye with a peppermint at the parade. i'm thinking no pictures with santa at our house. probably ever. haha! the wild man still looked adorable though! :)

Mylinda said...

You on Santa's lap TOTALLY cracks me up! I think almost every child goes through this phase (remind me of this next year.) You guys will look back on the pics and laugh together one day.

Erin Duvall said...

That is so funny. I want a pic of Ava with Santa too but she won't have anything to do with him. B/c his hair is so curly it's almost hard to tell how much he has grown from last years picture. Love that boys hair.

Scott and Katie said...

Don't worry Rileigh would go no where near Santa this year. She would talk to him from a far.