Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I love Kid Parties!

Ok, so I must admit when we received this party invitation from a little boy in Ramsey's play school class and saw it was being held at the Country Club, I thought who has a kids 2nd birthday party at a Country Club? We'll my mistake because it was awesome! So much fun!

There was a little petting zoo set up in the middle of the room and it was just perfect for a group of toddlers. It consisted of 1 pig, 5 bunnies, 2 big ducks, and 3 poodles. Ramsey jumped right on in and the lady running it helped the kids feed them. So neat!!!

Ramsey decided he wanted to visit the face painting station. I mean seriously this kid won't go near Santa but will sit perfectly still for 5 minutes to get his face painted like doggie??? He loved having his face painted and as soon as we got home he ran strait for our big mirror to admire his cuteness.
This party was super cool. All the foods were geared towards the kids (which Moms love) they had tater tots, chicken fingers, mac n cheese, sliders, fruit, crackers, and cheese in a fancy buffet. Also, after the kids were finished eating the birthday boys mom brought around custom coloring sheet and crayons. AWESOME! The cake was amazing and all in all it was one of the best parties I've ever been to. Though, I still love a good ale fashion home party too and I've decided if the birthday kid is happy on their day that is truly all that matters.


Christine said...

So cute :) I hope that you guys have an amazing Christmas! We send out best!

Katie Smith said...

I heard about this party from Metta. Sounds awesome and I can't believe they let the animals in the club like! I was shot down when I asked Keith if we could host Kaden's 5th bday party there!