Saturday, December 5, 2009

Birthday Morning at Monkey Joes

Cope had to leave early yesterday morning so we gave Ramsey his little gifts the night before. He is really into the movie CARS. It is actually the only movie he has ever seen so he thinks it is the only one that exist. We gave him a little 4 piece race car set and he LOVES it!!! Seriously, he took them everywhere yesterday and managed to keep up with all 4.
Friday morning (Birthday!!!) we loaded up in our new car. I got a Honda CRV since they did end up totaling our old Acura out. So far I really love the new ride and Ramsey does too.
We picked up Ramsey's best buddy Ty and his Mommy Kelly and we headed to Kennesaw for some "Monkey Moes" fun. My Mom met us there so she could watch two WILD boys have fun.
Of course the boys ran right past the big jumpy things and got on these race car video games. Hilarious.

Then it was on to sliding. Ramsey wanted to do it by himself mostly. Ty wanted his Mommy to do it with him:

We let the boys ride this 2 person elephant ride at the end and you would have thought it was a roller coaster. The laughed and smiled the whole time.
We finished the morning off with an early lunch at Panara Bread. It was really nice of Kelly and Ty to join us as they are moving this weekend into their very first, very gorgeous home. Thanks guys for making Ramsey's birthday so much fun.

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