Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Parade

Last week our town had their Christmas parade. Ramsey and I met up with our friends to watch. It was a little cold but we bundled up and made it fun.

Ty and Ramsey enjoying some coloring before the parade started:

Looking for the parade to get started. I think in this one he had spotted the police cars beginning down the street:
The firetruck sirens going off right in front of him scared him a little. Being the sweet Mommy i am I had to snap a picture:
Quickly over being scared and ready to see more:The Clydesdale's we the BEST part!:Ramsey was so cute. He'd wave and say "Hi" and the say "see ya next time" after they passed:
It was a fun evening and I just love having a child. It is so neat to get excited with them about little things. I remember being a teen and thinking this parade is so dumb and boring and now here I was waving and pointing like a maniac. If my child is enjoying life, so am I!!!

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jill said...

how fun!!! we went to our parade friday night, but i don't think it was as neat as yours. LOVE his little blue coat, mom!