Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dome Game

Before I get any further into Christmas I didn't want to forget to post about our trip to the Dome last Saturday for the Georgia High School State Football Finals. My Dad is the head coach for the Gainesville High and they have had an incredible, undefeated season. So finally they made it to the dome for the finals and since it was inside and not cold I thought it was perfect opportunity to take Ramsey (Cope was out of town for a wedding in NY). We dressed up in our best red and black and made a fun afternoon of it.Cope's parents met me there to see the game and help with Ramsey. I seriously don't think I could have managed the WILD man alone. The game was great but unfortunately my Dad's team lost the game by one on the final play of the game. Oh, well we still had fun and Ramsey still talks about it.
Here are some ideas for keeping an active 2 year old entertained during a 3 hour football game:Popcorn is a must! Even if it cost $4.50 it is a small price for happiness:Coloring is essential:Back to popcorn:Having Aunt Paige to run wild with at half time is priceless. She seriously wore this kiddo out: Oh, and be prepared that the floors are sticky and gross and if you bring cars or trucks your little one will want to drive them on that disgusting floor. Not a good idea. Bring lots of wipes and hand sanitizer and be prepared to be EXHAUSTED when the game is over.

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Erin Duvall said...

sounds fun. hey, lacey and i are meeting at monkey joes off holcomb bridge in roswell tomorrow. we're going to meet at the chickfila off that exit first at 11:00 to eat and then take the kiddos to monkey joes afterwards. we'd love to see you. bring ramsey and meet us:)