Thursday, November 17, 2011

Grand Finale of our Trip- LEGOLAND!!!!

After our 4 Disney parks in 4 days we couldn't stop there. We had heard of Legoland before but didn't know much about it. Cope looked it up and found out it was only 45 minutes away and had just opened this fall. Since we were so close and Cope was done with his conference and had the last day free we just had to go. We didn't tell Ramsey until the morning of. Needless to say we were all pumped the the days BIG adventure.

Ramsey entering the park: The Holy Land!!!:

Keep in mind as you scroll through the millions of pics I have below that everything you see is made out of Legos. A dream come true for Ramsey:

Inside of a Lego Man:

R2-D2. At the end of the day Ramsey ran up to him and hugged him and said "R2-D2 I love you":

Playing in a Lego playground:


Cope inside of the lions mouth:

Cute ride. You got to get inside of these fire ladders and they raised up and you used your fire hose to put out the fires:

Team Rowell fighting the fire:

Ramsey and I on a roller coaster. Super fun:

Ramsey of course loved the playground area:

Posing on the camel:

Life size Lego giraffe on the safari ride:

Cope and Ramsey on safari passing a lion and zebra (made entirely out of Lego's again):

Ramsey the driver:

Posing with a triceratops:

Fire truck and firefighters:

Ramsey at the Drive-In:

After lunch he drove Monster Trucks:

Then it was on to driving school:

Trying to crash. Such a Daredevil:
Cope and I pumped this firetruck and Ramsey drove and showed us where to go to put out the fire:
Then is was on to the boat ride. Posing inside of a sharks mouth once again:
Lego Boats with Daddy:

So much fun! (hey is that lady behind them picking her nose?):
Adorable Lego scenes on the boat course:


Inside the "Imagination Station" was a chance to build Lego race cars:

The you got to test drive your race car on this cool track:

Posing with this crazy Lego Bunny:

Lego foxes just for Grammy and Grampy:

Crossing the river in the Lego "Mini Land" was this beautiful waterfall with Lego deer. I mean it's in the details!:

Lego Mini town. This was our favorite part. There was about an acre of about 100 mini Lego towns. The details were amazing. I mean Ramsey could seriously spend an entire week "studying" these towns:

Las Vegas:


Lego Space Shuttle:

Lego Pirate ship that had battles with guns and bombs:

Posing in front of some of Lego town:

Cope and Ramsey posing with a knight:

Silly Lego clowns:

Darth Vader made out of Legos once again:

Lego store that had a Lego movie and movie seats. Needless to say Ramsey just had to sit down and watch for a bit:

Posing (only with Dad's help of course) with Lego people:

Posing with a Lego princess on our way out: I can't really express how amazing it was and how detailed everything was. It was the best day! All in All our Disney vacation was the best trip I have ever been on. Everything is geared towards kids and makig them smile. As a mother that is what counts! I now totally get the Disney hype. It is the worth every penny (and it cost lots of pennies)!


Brandi Beals said...

How fun! What an awesome trip! You rock mama!

Cristin said...

Glad y'all had a great trip! Disney was definitely the place to go this year!