Friday, November 11, 2011

Disney Day 3- Animal Kingdom

On Wednesday morning we once again woke up when Cope got up to go into his conference. We were headed for Animal Kingdom. I can say I knew the least about this park but thought "what the heck" we'll make the most of it". Man was I wrong it was great! I decided Ramsey would skip nap for the day and we would take full advantage of the day!

Once again he loved the silly hats:

So excited to be getting in the Safari ride:
It was so neat! The picture below looks like a 2 headed giraffe huh? It is actually one standing behind the other (I like to tell the truth :)

If you look closely you can see a lion on top of the rock sunning:

Once again if you look closely you can see a face in the triangle of a leaf woman. Very creepy!:

Showing off his drumming skills:

There was this sweet squirl that ate cheerios right out of Ramsey's hand:

They also had a game around the park for kids to play. If you could stick you hand in the tree log and identify what they felt that got a prize:

Ok, hands down the best thing ever! The Lion King Show!!!! It was so Broadway:

Next it was on to "A Bugs Life" inside the Tree of Life. It was in 3-D. Hence the glasses:

Our self photo:

Then it was off to Lunch. I had a delicious Asian chicken salad and Ramsey had chicken fingers. We fed lots of our lunch to the cute ducks walking around:


More Posing

We then hit the petting zoo(tiger NOT real):

Ramsey loved petting the snakes:

He would pet any snake but asking him to stand next to a Disney character forget it!

He loved the goats:

We stayed at Animal Kingdom until 4:00 (no nap, up since 7am, needless to say we had a few "come to Jesus talks"-you moms out there know what I mean) Then it was back to our hotel that had the coolest pirate pool. It was about 72 degree out but Ramsey was determined to visit it so who am I to oppose him?

Cope met us at the pool with snack and drink and we chatted about our day and watched with smiles on our face as Ramsey played:
Water Sliding:

Ramsey in action (he is the one at the top of the slide):

So fun and cold!:

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