Monday, November 7, 2011

Disney Day 1- Magic Kingdom

Our First full day at Disney we woke up bright and early. Cope headed out to his work conference and Ramsey and I geared up for the day. Unfortunately it was raining but we had tickets and an agenda so we were going rain or shine. This was also Halloween day so I of course had to dress Ramsey theme appropriate:

Pouring rain but Ramsey was such a trooper. He even stepped in a puddle up to his knees but we had so much fun wet pants, socks, and shoes couldn't keep us down:
Tea Cups. It was not crowded and it was raining so Ramsey and I were literally the only ones on the tea cups ride. I mean when will that ever happen again? The workers were so sweet and made Ramsey feel so special:

He loved the tea cups! I let him drive:

Next it was on to Winnie the Pooh ride. Again no wait at all: Pooh swinging from the trees:

Pooh is soo cute:


It's a Small World ride: Ramsey and I both loved this one:


My favorite we're the Hawaiian girls

Can this kid pose or what? By the end of the week he was a total professional:

Trying on silly hats in the gift shop:

Buzz Light year ride. This was one of our favorites:

Zurg behind bars!:

His toy for the day. We were going to buy something at one of the stores on our way out but once we looked he said "Mommy I want the Monster's Inc. set we saw back at the Perter Pan ride" Was he kidding? It was pouring rain and we were soaked and tired. Yep, you guessed it he was serious. So we we walked all the way back to the far end of the park where he remembered he had seen it. He was sooo happy! Oh, the things we do to make our kids smile.

More to come...

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