Thursday, November 10, 2011

Disney Day 2- Hollywood Studios

Tuesday morning we woke up when Cope got up to get ready for his conference (around 7:00am and that is sleeping in for us). Ramsey and I got ready and headed to catch our bus to go to Hollywood Studious. We are super excited because we knew there would be Star Wars stuff there (for the record I have NEVER cared for Star Wars actually never watched the movies but Ramsey loves it for some reason and now I know way too much about it). Here is Ramsey waking up and wanting to check out his Trick-or-Treat loot from the night before:

Our first stop at the park was Jedi school. You have to be at least 4 years old to do it. We were totally disappointed at first but just watching seemed to be fine with Ramsey. To tell the truth he would have been scared up there all by himself so in the end it was just fine:

Darth Vader appears:
It was cute the little Jedi trainees had a chance to prove their skills by fighting Darth Vader: Next we hit the Honey I Shrunk The Kids playground. Ramsey could have played in there all day:

Ramsey wanted to take a picture of me and I let him as proof I was actually there since I only have like 3 pictures form the whole week with me in them. Price we Mommy's pay for being the photographers:

More Sliding:

Riding the Aunt:

Posing with the giant dump truck:

Of course for his toy of the day he chose a Star Wars set the he was super proud of:

Juice Box break on one of the rides:

Posing with his favorite site:

They had a Toy Story ride that was super fun:

It was in 3-D and was all carnival games that we got scores for. I think Ramsey totally beat me:

He loved trying on silly hats:

We watch Disney Junior most every morning so we had to visit the live stage show for it:

Me and my little park hopping buddy:

The stage show was really cute and we sung along and danced too. He this mom has no shame when it comes to making my kid smile:

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