Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 2 at Disney Continued

There are so many pictures from our trip that I am breaking them up the best I can so you can see them and I can brag about our trip and you don't have to look at 200 pictures at once and be bored out of your mind. Bare with me.

The night of our second full day in Orlando we took Ramsey to Downtown Disney and had dinner at T-Rex. It is dinosaur theme resterauntvery similar to a Rainforest cafe but just all dinosaurs. It was very cool and the food was good!

Having fun at Dinner with Daddy:

After dinner we ventured out to some shopping since we knew the Lego store was right next door to T-Rex that was of course our first stop. In case you didn't know Ramsey is obsessed with Legos. His birthday party is Lego theme this year it is literally Legos and Star Wars that Ramsey talks about from sun up to sun down each day.

No that isn't Candy it is all Legos!:

There was even a little how to class for kids. Ramsey and I took it and we made little Thanksgiving turkeys:

Proud of our work:

Buzz Lightyear made out of Legos:

A whole doggie crew made out of Legos but of course our favorite is the Bulldog:

Dragon in the water made out of Legos:

After the overwhelming excitement of the Lego store we hit Ghiradelli for sundaes. It was delicious!!!:

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