Sunday, January 31, 2010

Visiting Grammy and Grampy

We took a little afternoon trip to visit with Cope's parents yesterday. Ramsey just loves it there and was looking forward to going all week. One of the main reasons Ramsey was so excited is that Grampy got a new 4-wheeler a few weeks ago and Ramsey has been imagining what it would be like. He of course loved it and got to go for a ride. When it was time to stop and come in since it was so cold he cried and said "I'm sad". Anyway, we had a nice time have all just got up from sleeping in late this morning. I haven't slept till 7:30am in years it seems.

The results of a day well spent:

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jill said...

the others are all super cute, but that last picture of the little man all conked out is PRECIOUS!!!!! i still could just sit and stare at his cute hair forever and ever, mom! love it!