Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow in Georgia- Watch Out!

We got snow in Georgia. WOW! We received a light dusting of snow last Thursday (enough to let school out early and close the next day too). I will admit the roads were a little icy but was it enough for us to all think we should stay captive in our homes? You see I'm a little jaded in my opinion about snow. We we're stationed in Upstate NY for 4 years (30 miles down from Canada) and it was intense when it came to snow. I mean there was enough snow some days to cover cars. I remember one day going to the grocercy store and when I got home I had to shovel the drive just to get back in. So I have not yet regained my love of snow but since we have a little boy who doesn't need to know his mom's pessimistic outlook I shook it off (for a minute) and we bundled him up and went outside. He loved it until Cope tried to get him to lay down and make a snow angel. He must have gotten snow in his pants because he lost it and had to come inside. We did enjoy our nice evening home together and warm. That part of snow I do enjoy!


jill said...

love him all bundled up in his snow gear, mom!!! that hat is presh! hope y'all are warm and toasty today. :)

Cristin said...

I know how you feel! After living through German winters, I have no desire to deal with any snow! It's worth it to see my sweet girl enjoy it though, and I know you feel the same!

Katie Jones said...

I love Ramsey's UGA hat - so cute!