Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Cope got his 4-wheeler back yesterday from our neighbor who had been trying to fix it and even though it is still broken Ramsey is pretty enamored with it. Hopefully soon we'll get it up and running and Cope and Ramsey's can have some male bonding driving it up and down our street.

Oh, and about 1 minute after I shot this video Ramsey tried to get down by himself and fell off and bumped his head on the garage floor. Oops, no awesome parenting awards today for us. He was just fine and I think it only scared him a little because he was asking to play on it all afternoon.


jill said...

sorry to hear about the bump on the head, mom! but he's still precious in his airplane shirt and sitting on the 4-wheeler like a big boy!

Julie said...

the bump on the head is a reminder--make sure you put a helmet on my nephew before he rides. need i remind you of Derick's accident??