Sunday, January 17, 2010

Umm, Dounuts!!!

Our Friend Kelly made some homemade doughnuts (she is quite the chef) and we all loved them especially Ramsey: In other news we are back to the grind. Cope working crazy hours Mon-Thurs. but we are still enjoying and soaking up the 3 day weekends with him. My sewing business is off to a great start. The store I sell my products to in town has made an AWESOME looking window display and in just the past 3 days since she has had it up I have had tons of orders! We have also hired a housekeeper. Thank God! We are also trying out a babysitter so we can go on a date occasionally.
Ramsey is growning up soooo fast. I looked at him the other day and it hit me really hard that he is a total little man now. No traces of baby (except for diapers). He is talking up a storm and says the funniest things. I LOVE this stage. He has friends now, he has stated to really like movies, he is no longer a terrible eater, he loves to color and paint. He is the sweetest most head strong little person I know.


Lindsey said...

Now it's time for y'all to have another one! Hint hint! I kid. Sorta. ;)

I'm so excited for you and your business venture! Congrats on that and getting a housekeeper. That's huge!!!!

Lindsay said...

I sooo enjoyed keeping Ramsey tonight!! He is a great kid!!! He is very very smart!!! I hope he liked me as much as I did him!!! Hope to see yall again soon!!!


Kelly Young said...

YAY! Glad you all liked the doughnuts! Especially Ramsey....picky little eater that he is lol ;)