Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Nice Treat

New Years Eve night we welcomed a visit from our college friends Justin, Katy, Caroline, and dog Tater. They are stationed at Ft.Leanorwood, MO. and we're heading back from Fayetville and stopped at our place for an overnight visit. Their little girl Caroline is 18 months old and seriously the happiest kids I've ever met. We went to Cracker Barrel the next morning for brunch and keeping two toddlers entertained/occupied was a bit of a struggle but we managed. It was so nice to see them and play catch up. It is neat to talk about parenting and such with Katy ans she is quite the SUPER mom. Maybe her super-ness rubbed off a little??? Anyway, great to see you guys. Come back anytime!

1 comment:

The Tooles said...

Running a business out of your home while being a mommy at the same time sounds pretty SUPER to me! Maybe we should sport the adult size version of your superman capes=) Have a good week.