Saturday, January 23, 2010

PJ Day

Ramsey's little playschool had Pajama Day Friday yesterday morning. It was basically parents come with your kiddos (to help wrangle them) and we went around to different classroom for activities. Of course all Ramsey cared about was his BFF Ty being there. These two are like peas and carrots:
The first stop was their regular class room since it had the most play toys:
Ramsey trying to hide from Mommy's dreaded camera:
Then it was on to get some hair color. Ty opted not to get his done but Ramsey was all for it. I mean he screams to get his hair cut but will stand stiff as a board to get it colored. Ahhh???
They found time for a little reading: They then sat down and ate a pancake and sausage breakfast. It was a really cute little morning. There was also a nail painting room (the boys ran right by this one), a tatoo room, a saving cream painting room, a bouncy house, and a craft room.

Ramsey then came home and had to admire his new do in the big mirror. We washed it out before we went to dinner last night and he didn't want us to because he liked it so much.

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jill said...

how precious!!!! love r's hair color - i can't imagine sophie standing still enough to have that done. ha! and i LOVE his pj's!