Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Things We Do For Love

So when Ramsey was a tiny baby I was such a freak about not having anything in the crib with him like a blanket or stuffed animal. I know that sounds harsh but that is what the books say and I am a RULE FOLLOWER! When he was about 6 months old I decided to put what we now refer to a "Buddy" in his crib to give him a comfort items to hold at night. Well he took to it like a duck to water and loved Buddy like it was his job. I also love that Buddy was a gift from my friend Ashley from Ft.Drum and it reminds me of her often.

Over the years Buddy has been a constant. The one thing that goes on all over night trips. I typically don't let buddy leave our house but occasionally I will let him take it to Nama's for nap time that day. I know he is 4 now and I should make him give Buddy up but it is his thing. He never took a pacifier and I know he can sleep without buddy (had to use it as punishment before) but he and buddy are bonded.

So this past Thursday which is a Nama Day he wanted to take Buddy with him for his nap later that day. It was one of those morning where I was like "fine, whatever. Your will power is greater then mine today. You win! Bring Buddy". So he goes with Nama for the day and they run all sorts of fun errands and she doesn't know he isn't supposed to take Buddy in stores and you know he doesn't make this fact known. So into Home Depot, Ingles, and Arby's Buddy goes. Ramsey never takes a nap that day cause he declared "he had wayyy to much energy".

Thursday night Cope and I are tucking him into bed and he says "Where's Buddy"? Like it is my job to keep up with his most prized possessions. I checked his backpack from Nama's and no Buddy. He couldn't remember if he had left Buddy at Nama's so at 9pm we call her. She and Ramsey retrace their steps from the day and the last place Nama remembers seeing buddy is Arby's. So she lets Ramsey go and says she is calling Arby's and will call us back.

In the meantime Ramsey is so sad. He is crying "No Buddy!" "He is my best Friend" Part of me is thinking this must be a sign that it is time to get rid of his comfort item. But in my heart I was sad too. Buddy is a part of the family now. As Ramsey was crying and praying (asking God to make Buddy not be lost) I found tears coming down my face too. Seriously? It is only a doll head with blanket attached. Get a grip Lady! Knowing what Buddy means to the little Boy I love most in the whole wide world trumps any rational thoughts.

By that time Nama calls back and says Buddy is at Arby's!!!! On a back shelf being kept safe. (Ramsey is a regular at Arbys and knows most all the workers) Mom aka Nama couldn't stand the thought of Buddy sleeping on a self or the risk that someone from the morning crew might not know and toss him. So at 9:30pm Nama goes to Arby's to rescue him. There are seriously not much bigger acts of love that I can recall.

So yesterday after School we pick up Buddy from Papa's law office (the whole staff now knows the importance of Buddy and everyone is so happy to see he and Ramsey reunited). Ramsey loved on Buddy and took and excellent 2 hour nap with buddy safely tucked in next to him and all is right in the world of this little boy!


Jenn said...

I'm glad you guys found Buddy and they are reunited!

Brandi Beals said...

Wow, Ramsey is one lucky boy!

Erin Duvall said...

THAT is love. I dear say what would happen if we lost one of Ava's 100 stuffed animals she sleeps with. She takes inventory and it drives me crazy when she says as I'm tucking her in, where's my dog. Which dog is she referring to since she sleeps with about 15 different dogs :)
My mom would have probably ran to Arby's too.

Beckie said...

AWWWW....I'm glad this story had a happy ending!

The McCorkle Family said...

So glad that Ramsey has his Buddy back!

The Tooles said...

Such a cute story and definitely one Nama can reminisce about with Ramsey when he gets older. So sweet=)