Saturday, January 28, 2012

PJ Day at Pre-K

Friday at Preschool Ramsey had PJ day in honor of the letter "P" week at school. I volunteered to help with the class for the day and Ramsey was stoked that I was coming to school with him all day. In honor of the fun day he of course had to get new Pajamas and can you believe he chose Star Wars pajamas? Crazy Right?

Here are he and some of his buds from class:

One of Ramsey's favorite friends JT:

Painting with shaving cream was one of the activities:

There was also face painting and Ramsey asked me to paint the Millennium Falcon (ship from Star Wars) but I made him settle for light sabres:

His whole class in their PJ's (notice how many boys have on super hero pajamas):

One stop was popcorn and a short movie:

Cheesin' for Mom:
One stop wait hair painting. Ramsey picked green and gold. Nice! After activities it was back to the classroom for a late breakfast:

Fun day at Pre-K and I am so thankful to work from home and make my own schedule so I can do these fun things with Ramsey. I love it as much or more then he does.

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Taylor Wise said...

That looks like so much fun! PJ day was my daughters favorite!