Friday, January 27, 2012

Go Cope!

Last Saturday Ramsey and I attended a change of command ceremony for Cope. Cope has been the company commander of his unit and now will be joining a different unit as the G-6. Military positions change fairly often but none the less it is still pretty important stuff. I was given flowers for being his wife and there was a nice speech made about what a great job he has done and how the new guy has big shoes to fill. I don't brag on Cope often enough but he is a HARD worker. I know he does a good job because he cares and really enjoys what he does. I am really proud of how he leaves a position better then when he found it and I just know he will do great at his new gig. Oh and Ramsey thinks his Daddy is a total bad ass because he gets to play with guns and every night a dinner Ramsey ask Cope "So, Dada did you get to use your rifle today?"As if that is in any realm of Cope's daily task.

After the ceremony and cake Ramsey and I went to lunch with Cope.

I am so happy that Ramsey has a Dad that is such a good role model.

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Jenn said...

Congratulations, Cope!