Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snow Mountain

Over the Christmas break we took a day to go to Stone Mountain for their snow. We went with our friends the Brown who have Addison who is just like 2 months younger then Ramsey. We stoped in Roswell for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen then then took a little trip to Trader Joes. Here are Ramsey and Addison arguing about who gets to pretend drive the handicap chair: Super excited to go see snow!:

They both fell asleep about 10 minutes before we got there:

We're here!:

Our sledding on the BIG slopes wasn't until 6pm so in the meantime we played i their snow area:

Bundled up and ready to go!: (this is Addison's sweet pose and Ramsey's spider man pose)

The snow was really fun except that there were like 100's of people on about an acre of snow. Despite the crowd we had a blast with snowball fights:

Both kids loved making and throwing snow but man oh man don't throw one at them, especially Addison. So funny! She would give you the look of death. Why is aggravating our kids so much fun?:



Me posing inside of Mr. Snowman:

Our little Family after a fun day:

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