Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I sort of stole this idea from another blog but only cause it is a great idea. We so often on our blogs gab about how great life is and how awesome our kids are but thought I'd take a minute to be honest and confess some of my less then ideal attributes as of lately:

1) I don't work out- Why? I hate it. It hurts. I don't want to spend any part of my day in pain. I know I should do it for my health but I don't! Maybe one day I'll be insane and think it is a good idea, but that day isn't today.

2) I didn't wrap a single Christmas gift this year. Nope, every gift from the Rowell house was in a gift bag with white tissue paper that I stuffed in the bag right before the get together. I mean I am just not crafty in this area. Why spend hours making a present super cute only to have it ripped apart?

3) I hardly cook anymore. I have about 7-8 meals in my repertoire that I constantly rotate. Mostly it is tacos, meat/fish and veggies, or the occasional turkey burger. Cope has been very forgiving in this department. I love to cook but just don't much these days. With a sewing job that has be using up my creative juices I don't have any leftover at the end of the day to whip up miracles in the kitchen. I do plan to get back there one day.

4) I don't read. I don't want to take the time or brain power to do so. I would rather veg out in front of the TV and let my brain be mush during down time. Again, this is an area I hope to pursue later in life but not right now. I think I have read like 2 books in the past 5 years. Where do you people find the time?

5) I am not Mom of the year. I let that title slip from my resume so long ago I can't even remember when I let it get away. I love Ramsey. He knows that. I would give my life for his but on a daily basis I am not perfect as a mother. I find humor in my mistakes. I mean just this morning I got him to school 30 minutes late and forgot his backpack and snack. Smooth Move! So instead of beating myself up we just ran into the gas station and got apple juice and cheeze its. Problem solved. I want Ramsey to see I am not perfect and every issue has a solution. I also let him eat waayyy to much junk. He just loves sugar and sometimes instead of going head to head with him about it I just give in. I mean he plays me like a fiddle. I am not as strong willed as my kid. Shoot!

6) I don't keep my house all that clean. I have a house keeper and I am a work from home Mom. You would think I could find the time but nope, don't want to. I would rather work harder to pay someone else to do it. Just being honest. Also, during the day the inside of my house looks like a bomb exploded. Dishes are in the sink, toys are everywhere and I usually forget to make my bed. I mean my Mom raised me better. But when Cope calls to tell me he is on his way home from work I usually run around like mad woman picking up the whole house (not that Cope really cares) but when he walks through the door I want him to think I have it all together. He knows better but it a fun little dance I like to do each day.

So there are about a million more confessions from this stay at home mom but I won't give away all my secrets in one day.


Shawnee said...

i like this ~ i'm not a reader, i'm with you on house cleaning too

The McCorkle Family said...

I love the idea of the confessions blog! Very cool!

Erin Duvall said...

I love it. I can pretty much relate to them all except that I don't work from home and I still begged Vince for a housekeeper. I guess since I have one extra kid I get a free pass. But hey, if I had to clean my house and take care of them both I would be a lunatic and Vince knows it so I'm thankful he let me get one for everyone's sake. I hardly cook too. The difference in this department is that i don't enjoy cooking, just baking. Vince has let me go on this one too. I rotate meals as well and besides Ava won't eat anything I make anyways so there is no reward in that department. Girl all I can say is you read my vent last March or so when my kids were both sick forever and I was losing it. It def makes people feel better to read this stuff. Enjoyed! See you next Sat.

Brandi Beals said...

Tihis is great. I can totally relate to these. I love it!