Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend with Cousins

While Cope and I went to visit Army friends over Memorial Day weekend Ramsey went to stay with his Grampy and Grammy and so did his only 2 cousins, Mattie and Caroline. Ramsey adores his "gwirls" and thinks they have just hung the moon. He had just as much over his adventuresome weekend as Cope and I did. I love the bond the 3 have developed. It makes my heart smile. Here are some pics of the 3 amigos:

Not sure what Ramsey is doing here?:
Tree Climbing:

Riding in the T-rex:

Morning lounging:

Playing dress up:

Dressed up for Memorial day:

Eating Popsicles:

Playing Doctor (I love how dramatic Ramsey is being):

Riding back home (I love Mattie's face):

Saying good-bye after a blast of a weekend:


Erin Duvall said...

That's so sweet. The cousin bond is a strong one for sure.

The Tooles said...

Got your message about coming out on the 18th. We would still love to have you for the night. Glad Ramsey likes girls...I think it will be all girls for the little party=)