Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swim Lessons 2011

Last week Ramsey had his annual swim lessons. We used the same instructor and we're SUPER pleased with Mark and his daughters ability to teach 2 little wild boys. Ramsey took lessons with his buddy Connor and they both did great! The goal was to do swim lessons early this year and hopefully not use floaties at all. So far so good, except he thinks he is a fantastic swimmer and can swim all by himself. Needless to say I have to keep a close eye on him but practice makes perfect right?

Ramsey and Connor talking to Mr.Mark:

Jumping off the side and swimming to Mr.Mark:
Learning to float on his back:

Diving for toys on the bottom of the pool:

Sweet little fish boys:

Mark and his two biggest fans:

After his final swim lesson we took him to Menchies for an ice cream treat. Have I mentioned how much we (meaning me really) love Menchies. Ramsey enjoyed his favorite "banilla" with gummy bears and gummy worms:

Finishing up in the car:

Ice Cream Face:

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Erin Duvall said...

Busted again. Just kidding. But since you went to Menchies in Acworth does that mean that his swim lessons from that guy are around here? I seriously need to get Ava some swim lessons.