Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cars 2 !!!

Last night we took Ramsey to see Cars 2 on opening day. Of course we had to make a stop by Menchies ice cream before. We purchased our tickets online and thank goodness because there was already a line at 6:30 and the movie didn't even start till 7:00. We made it in plenty of time and got great seats. We saw the 3-D version which was cool. The movie itself was really good. Much more action then the first one and I felt like this one was way more geared toward little boys then the first. The actual story line was a bit confusing especially for kids but who cares, Ramsey loved it! We all did. It was a great family night out with our little lover of Cars.

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The Tooles said...

I figured you were there on opening day! We had a Menchie's open up just down the street from our house and I immediately thought of you. You are is delicious! As you can imagine, Justin doesn't actually buy any. He just goes around and gets free samples over and over again.