Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Happens While Mommy takse a Shower

Ramsey is typically really great when I am getting ready in the mornings. He usually just drinks his milk and watches some Super Why cartoon but this particular morning he was too quite. So quite that I had to come check to make sure he was still in the house. Sure enough he was and this is how I found him:

He was so proud of himself. His art stuff sits out but he never bothers it so I did not worry much about it until this morning. Instead of acting guilty he decided to act cute and I did what any good mother would do, I grabbed the camera of course .


The Tooles said...

On the bright side, he knows his colors!!!

Julie said...

I LOVE the attention to detail here. Note the beard and unibrow. I thought Mattie got all of the mischief-making tendencies from her daddy, put I am thinking perhaps her relation to Uncle Cope had something to do with it...hmmmm.