Sunday, March 28, 2010

Egg Drop 2010

Yesterday our church put on their 3rd Annual Egg Drop at Dellinger Park. We had never been before and had no idea what we were in for. Well it was INTENSE! There were literally several thousand people and kids of all ages. The whole thing is really neat and well organized. Ramsey was in the 2-4 year old group and he was up first at 11:00 so we waited patiently for the helicopter to approach and drop out tons of eggs.

Here it comes! Oh, and the Easter bunny was in there too!:Ramsey was totally impressed:Then the marched the kiddos out on the baseball field and let everyone get out there and did a final countdown and the GO!They're off! Go Ramsey Go!
All the eggs were empty and it really didn't matter how many eggs they actually got as they all traded in their eggs for giant handfuls of candy. So every child was pleased. No tears, no pouting, only smiles! It was a neat event and I stayed to volunteer for the afternoon drop. It wasn't quite as crazy as the morning drop but still just as much fun.


The Tooles said...

Are you sure you are not on a military base? They should do that around here...what fun!

Kelly Young said...

we had a BLAST too!!! :)