Monday, March 22, 2010

Ode to the cell phone

So my poor cell phone has had a terrible weekend. I've been toying with the idea of getting a more fancy one but I am not really eligible for the upgrade until June. Well maybe my phone was rebelling on me because on Saturday afternoon I was getting ready for a baby shower for my step sister and could not find it anywhere. We combed the house and remembered we had taken the 4-wheeler for a spin around the neighborhood. Maybe I had set it on that when we were outside earlier??? Cope retraced our route but found nothing. Later that afternoon Cope's parents came to stay with Ramsey while Cope and I went on a date night to the FOX to see Rodney Carrington. The show was AWESOME and afterwards we called home to check on WILD man and ask if they had found my phone. THEY DID!!! Whoo Hoo! They said they had been out for a walk and asked a neighbor if they had seen a cell phone around and another neighbor overheard and said he had found one in the road. It was all busted up but it still worked (sort of).

Yesterday we head to church I am so happy to have my cell phone on tow and think maybe I should get a new one but maybe it can wait a little while. I'm a busy girl and cell phones aren't a huge priority. After church we head to lunch and I am digging around for Ramsey snacks and notice everything in my purse is damp. Oh yes, my travel coffee much had spilled all over my purse. Why did I have it in my purse you ask??? I don't know either.

Now my phone battery is swimming in coffee and smells. Not to mention it has taken on a life of it's own. It is fried. So needless to say I am headed to the phone store today to make a new purchase. Funny how we can be set in our own plans about things and life seems to know better. Granted it is only a cell phone, thank goodness, but I find it interesting none the less.


jill said...

did the same thing last year ...but mine was diet dr. pepper instead of coffee. ha! :) hope you find something you like!!!

Kelly Young said...

kinda glad it happened ;)

Cristin said...

Did you try to save it? There are a few different techniques to pull the moisture out. I had to do that with Bryan's phone last year.